„We have a unique solution of this global problem”

Kovpak Vitaly – embryologist

„I realize that thousands of patients place their fates in my hands. It can be said I create infertile couples’ happiness and their future children. I always remember this fact and my great responsibility. Entering embryology unit, my working place, I understand that someone’s family and happiness now depends on me and my work. People come to us from around the world and usually they visit our clinic after numerous unsuccessful attempts and being in do-or-die condition.  Working in the laboratory, I select only the highest quality, healthy eggs and sperm. After in-vitro fertilization I carefully monitor embryos’ development. I visit laboratory even on my weekends and holidays. In my mind’s eye I always tune in to a positive result. I use the most effective methods to achieve it. It’s incredible happiness when pregnancy test shows two strips – pregnant! Our team members are sincerely glad when it worked out very well, sometimes our managers even cry with happiness when receive positive results in complicated cases. One can say that we have mostly financial goals conducting such procedures, and positive result of the program positively works on clinics income. But, take my word for it, it’s not so. Over the years, members of our team have stuck together and we have cousinly affection for each infertile couple. People who come to us need a certain help and wait for good news from us. I, in turn, understand that great responsibility devolves on me and positive result mostly hinges on my work. I love my job in the BioTexCom center. Day by day, we improve our methods of work and treatment, discuss diagnoses and look for the most appropriate solutions, conduct experimental works and participant in international conferences and seminars. We give the good, happiness for childless couples from all over the world, and we proudly carry out this great mission.

Mozgova Elena – fertility specialist

Every day I communicate with infertile couples, who come to Ukraine from different countries. Germany, Italy, England, Spain, Switzerland and many others. They are all very different, they speak different languages ​​and are of different age. But they all have one common problem – infertility and inability to have own babies in a natural way. We have a unique solution of this global problem- surrogacy and egg donation. I have an individual way with each of our patients. We do not have same protocols and failed contracts. Basing upon the medical examination and test results, I advise patients the most appropriate program in order to achieve desired pregnancy. I have a child, and I clearly understand feelings of my patients. I always do my best to make infertile people finally feel this incredible feeling of parenthood. Many of our patients come to the clinic with kids just to express gratitude and show the result of our collective work – healthy, beautiful babies with happy parents. Some couples, after two -three years after the birth of their child (with the help of BioTexCom), come back again to conceive a second one. Reaching my workplace, entering office, I imaginatively always ask higher forces to help me realize this miracle of fertilization and successfully conduct the program. We help women who sometimes have lost hope to become happy mothers. With the help of our unique methods, women of any age, gain the happiness of motherhood and even give birth to healthy children using donor eggs. Working with infertility diagnose I am ruled by the European experience, introduce the latest technologies. Moreover I have a great friendly team of professionals and together we do well.