Penny wise and pound foolish

Surrogate mothers like cartoon characters Chip and Dale race to rescue. But not with the aim to save the whole world and only infertile couples. It is a natural desire of any person to have children, and especially if it is a long-established family. Infertility diagnosis does not deprive of this desire. Surrogate mothers are a kind of women who have chosen carrying children for other people as a well-paid job. „Looking for a surrogate mother”, „Will become a surrogate mother for you”, „Surrogacy with guarantee” etc.

Today this procedure is so widespread that you can easily find a great number of information you need in the Internet, mass media, and even on the street advertisement board. But as it happens – the greater demand the lower quality. So how to find a good surrogate mother with whom you will not have problems?

The first and fundamental rule for those who want to use services of surrogate mother is to visit only specialized accredited clinics which operate in accordance with relevant rules and regulations of the country in which they function. But it happens so that infertile couples mistakenly think that they can solve this problem on their own and start looking for surrogate mother with the help of internet resources and various ads ( Just such people are the best targets for swindlers! If you think that you can negotiate with surrogate mother and pay for this service the true price it will not always turn out as you want.

Legal clinics check surrogate mothers in details, in particular their physical and psychological health. Carrying out these procedures by yourself you risk missing out on important medical tests or to be had that the surrogate mother had passed all inspections. She cannot pass them at all or just forge the results. The following aspect is an agreement between all sides (in a perfect world these are clinic, surrogate mother and biological parents). In medical centers professional lawyers constitute an appropriate contract which contains all the obligations and rights of all parties. It is all but impossible to do it without specialist’s participation.

Thus, not taking these items into account you become a perfect victim for the fraudulent surrogate mothers. During pregnancy they can dream up various non-existent problems that will require more money. And after the child’s birth such surrogate mothers may refuse to give the baby until you fulfill all their terms. And these requirements can continue indefinitely while your biological child will grow in someone else’s family getting used to other parents. In this case you will not be able to prove your rightness because you have no necessary documents and evidences.

Using the help of a surrogate mother you always have to remember that it is a matter of life and death for you but just a business for some women. And do not think that organizing surrogacy program by yourself you save some money or do it more efficiently. The right and best decision is to choose a clinic with a good reputation and high quality of work. As of quality-price ratio Ukraine, for example, is one of the best countries in which you will find a good service, positive result of the program and an affordable price. In this case, clinic is held fully liable for all stages of the program. Therefore, workers of medical institution are also interested in good result. In addition, going to the center of reproductive medicine you pay a fixed sum and do not run the risk to overpay or pay for nothing, as it happens in the case of an independent search for a surrogate mother.

If you are not a doctor you will not know details of the surrogacy procedure. As a result outside the clinic you can be said that, for example, embryo replanting was made, although in fact it will not be so. Surrogate mother even cannot be pregnant at all, but urging otherwise upon you. In general, as you can see, there are a lot of ways to be hippoed by surrogate mothers. So do not put everything on the line and visit only proven centers of reproductive medicine and do not seek help where there is none of it.