Medical tourism in Ukraine could change services’ quality

About 50 thousand foreigners visit Ukrainian health care institutions annually. Ukrainian medicine market is very attractive for foreigners – price is much lower than at home, and highly qualified specialists in the field of medicine are known worldwide by their great skills. Now when Ukrainian currency has depreciated it has become much cheaper to treat in Ukraine for many European and American citizens than at homeland.

IVF and surrogacy are among the most popular medical services foreigners look for in Ukraine. High popularity of these programs is caused by the fact that in Ukraine, in vitro fertilization is much cheaper, and the existing regulatory framework is much more liberal than in European states. In particular, Ukrainian law allows egg donation and surrogacy conduction. Moreover, surrogate motherhood programs (with donor eggs as well) have no limitations in particular age that is out-of-support among international medical community.

According to the observations of doctors who work in center for human reproduction BioTexCom, ART programs have been becoming increasingly popular among patients from Western Europe, Israel, USA and UK. Also residents of the Emirates and Asia have become habitual patients at the BioTexCom clinic. During the recent years, clinic employs translators and managers with knowledge of Chinese and Arabic languages to communicate with potential patients on the appropriate level.

Every year, BioTexCom center welcomes more and more infertile couples from Europe, Asia and America. The increasing flow of patients gives a boost to the development and improvement of the clinic. Extension interpreters’ staff, equipping laboratories and training staff, development of new technologies and ART methods improvement – all these and many others are actively held within the walls of BioTexCom center today.

Company has already developed new medical packages for surrogacy, which will be presented in the nearest future. These are „all inclusive” packages priced at € 29.900, € 39.900 and a VIP package at the cost of € 49.900.

You can always get to know more interesting information about programs visiting the official website of the clinic or communicating with the center managers, who will professionally answer all questions you are interested at. BioTexCom! There is no absolute infertility!