Letter written by man who was involved during childbirth

We went upstairs on the 5th floor of the maternity clinic, holy of holies where no man has gone before. We were allotted a separate room. From next doors it was heard how birthing mothers whimpered, cried and I realized where I am and what was coming … Love for my wife won the the battle of my mind and fear. My wife had weak labor so doctors decided to start “needle”. I even can’t describe and retell the whole process of labor… The only thing I can say is that it was so hard for me and I have never in my life went through such feelings. Sick nurse put my wife on a drip but after a while something went wrong. I went out into the hallway and cried: “Sick nurse!!!!!Come here!!!” Due to my loud cry at first some birthing mothers went quiet and then rapid labor started. After childbirth they even expressed me thanks. From 5 am. to 1 pm. I was together with my wife. I couldn’t have a smoke break or to go to the WC. My wife said doctors that she must quickly give birth because at 6 p.m. workers must bring us a refrigerator from shop))) By 1 p.m. I was so much exhausted as after ton of dirty diapers unloading. When we left the ward and went to the delivery table I wished to disappear, curl up and die, go off into a faint. But my awareness didn’t want to throw over me. Expulsive pains!!! Oh my God, can it possibly be true??? I fell to pieces together with my wife. My eyes and face arteries were red. I felt that a little more and I will give a birth together with my woman. Crazy cry of the last expulsive pains… then silence… (for some moments it was a complete silence but it seemed to me that hours passed). I felt hairs on the back of my neck bristle and turn gray. And at last our little miracle gave notice with the most excellent and clear voice for the whole humanity that she was born!!! She is ready and wants to live and let things rip! I was announced that my wife gave birth to a girl. I stood and tears came to my eyes when I realized that I became a happy father. All who were in the maternity barn at that moment looked at me with a great respect and congratulated me. Dear women!!! Thank you so much!!!!