Glow confronts male infertility in reproduction app

Fertility app developer Glow turned its attention to men with a new app section that confronts issues relevant to this audience.  But will it lead to more men taking an active role in addressing this sensitive issue?

The smartphone app helps users log daily activities and lifestyle information, then analyzes the data to give men personalized, information to make more informed decisions, according to a company statement.

Glow is the latest company to turn its attention to men for reproductive issues. Another company is Sandstone Diagnostics. It developed a test called Trak Fertility in 2013 to help men with low sperm count turn things around with educational content and a way to assess their sperm count over time.

Glow also added partnerships with infertility clinics Boston IVF and Shady Grove Fertility.

In about 40 percent of infertility cases, men are the sole cause or a contributing cause,according to data from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. But men are less likely to seek medical help than women. The idea behind Glow’s new app features is to make men more comfortable dealing this issue and encourage them to be more involved in the counseling process.

“Unfortunately fertility struggles aren’t always considered a couple’s issue, even though male infertility accounts for about 40 percent of cases,” Glow CEO Mike Huang said.

Last year the company raised $17 million in a Series B round to support the global expansion of its business.