Fresh donor eggs make for success!

Embryo freezing is a unique opportunity for women to postpone pregnancy indefinitely and give birth to a biological child in later years. Freezing oocytes woman has no need to worry about medical or social difficulties in her life. That is to say, woman buy the so-called „guarantor of age” freezing own biological material. But the question now arises of whether clinics provide a guarantee conducting IVF programs using frozen oocytes.

That is an important issue that must be thought of. It will be less complicated and cheaper if doctors use frozen eggs during IVF procedure. But if at all people think about oocytes cryopreservation being 20 – 35 years old. Today there are a lot of women who start a family only after 30 when probability of pregnancy is greatly reduced. In such cases, egg donation steps into the breach. Thus, Spanish “Bernabeu Institute” is the leader of egg donation in Europe. It is also one of the largest banks of oocytes and sperm in Spain which sells clinics for reproductive medicine frozen cells. Despite popularity of cells freezing experts and statistics makes people wonder.

Female germ cells are large and contain water. So after their cooling (in particular, freezing) crystals are formed and distort integrity of gametes. As a result, due to cell homeostasis disturbance most part of biological material cannot be used for fertilization. Also there can be cells’ defects which are not visible during transplantation. Such degeneration of genetic material can significantly affect health condition of children in future.

Chairman of American community of Reproductive Medicine states: „Although analysis of literature shows that cryopreservation technique is effective for women who need it for medical reasons we cannot use it widely to plan pregnancy”.

There are clinics that conduct IVF programs using only fresh eggs, and what is the most crucially, give a guarantee of a positive program’s outcome. Use of fresh eggs is the key to success!

Only one conclusion can be seen after reading various forums and communicating with patients who have gone through IVF with donor eggs. It’s better to apply to clinics that conduct programs using only fresh oocytes, guarantee successful pregnancy and full refund in the case of procedure’s failure. One can find such medical centers in Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria. In these countries IVF with donor eggs will cost you about 10 thousand euro. Russia, Greece and Spain offer such procedure at the cost of 20,000 euro, USA – 50-100 thousand euro. Paying this money you receive medical program, 100% guarantee of its successful outcome and refund in the case of failure.

Measure of efficiency and performance bond are the first indicators patient pays attention to visiting medical institution. If clinic refunds the overall value of the program in the case of failure it means clinic is interested in successful fertilization no less than client. Therefore such medical centers use the latest techniques and modern equipment.

Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the best sources of information in such case. Friends who have already visited any clinic can share their impressions about the quality of services and pricing. Well, if you have no such friends, thematic forums will always come to the aid. People who chat with each other using Internet forums will gladly write up about their positive and negative experience, comparison and results of the programs.