A second child through surrogacy in BioTexCom


Hello we are gathered here to hear a story from our dear clients. They came for a second child. And I want to ask you about your experience from your first attempt, and, what is your intention right now? So, please, just tell what do you think about BioTex.

Well, my experience with BioTex was amazing! One year ago, approximately, I was given a diagnosis of a very serious disease, because of which there is no way for me to have children. The adoption process is very difficult in Spain, moreover if you have some problem – a serious disease. So, I started to look for a solution, started to think if we can start the process in United States, Canada, Mexico… But the options did not seem to be adequate for us. Because, Mexico, because it is too far and because there is no provision for the surrogate motherhood, or so called “womb to rent”, in the legislation. Because it seems that the surrogate mother can not be remunerated, there is no provision in any law, and you can not sign any contract with such provision. That`s why we started to consider the eastern part, Russia and Ukraine. And, due to economic factor, which is also so important in our time, and because of the crisis, we decided to trust in BioTexCom and undertook the adventure, and went directly to Ukraine, where we were met in a wonderful way.

What can you tell about BioTexCom service? What do you like, the accommodation, the food? Is it good enough for you?

Very important for me was the fact that I got all kinds of services. So that I did not have to look for something at my own expense, nor have to be bothered by looking for some services. BioTex gives you all the kind of services: food, accommodation so you don`t have to worry about this. The food is not the same as in Spain, but it is still fine.

Thank you. What can you tell about the “All-inclusive” package? Why did you choose to go here and to choose this package?

In our case we chose the unlimited attempts because it gave us guarantee which we were expecting. There are other clinics and other packages, which offer you attempt by attempt, but, you don`t really know the total sum of money which you will have to pay at the end. And for the middle class the most adequate option is to have a program with a fixed price. That`s why we decided for this program. It is amazing in this meaning.

Can you tell something about how the process went? Were you successful from the first attempt?

We were so lucky because we had gone through all the process approximately in 11 months. Since the moment we signed the contract up to the success passed 11 months. And we were so lucky to succeed from the first attempt. So, we can not ask for more. We have our baby, who is healthy and strong, and we are happy about that.

So you were very lucky from the first attempt. So, can you tell me why you have chosen to go exactly to Ukraine? Not to for example United States, or Russia? Because it is also allowed in Russia and United States.

Well, I have to say that the character of Ukrainian people in some aspects is pretty like the character of Spanish people. They have nothing to deal with Russians, though they have the same origin. But in certain characteristics they are like us. And in Ukraine I have felt myself at my second home. The language really is an inconvenience, of course, but this kind of problem  can be solved. And Ukraine can offer you all kind of guarantees which can be offered by any European clinic or any clinic of United States. They do all kind of tests that are done in Spain during pregnancy, like a trisomy test ,which is done on the 12th week of pregnancy to detect any kind of defects, or all the ultrasounds, which would be done in Spain. So there is enough guarantee. If we are talking about the war which is now, I can say, according to my own experience, that in Kiev there is no glimmer of war or any hostile environment. You can come to Kiev with no worry, without any problem and…perfect.

Thank you, so, can you tell something to our new clients about your surrogate mother? Because a lot of clients are interested in the surrogates: how they look like, are they good or are they some kind of not really healthy persons? Can you tell something about your surrogate mother?

Well my surrogate is a person who I don`t know that deeply, cause we were not staying in touch during all the process, cause we were in Spain and she was here. But I got to know her and she is a normal person, healthy, and she was doing it voluntary. Talking about health, I can say that she has a great health, because my son`s health is great. Physically she is clean, very discreet and well-mannered girl. Well, like any person, like 90% of people, she is a normal person.

Thank you. So, what do you expect from your next attempt? 

Well, we expect to have the same luck as we had the first time, and, well, in this attempt we expect to get a boy or a girl, will see if we succeed from the first time. And if we have to do more attempts, well we will. We are with the program with guaranties, so that we are on firm ground.

Okay, can you tell something about documentation process? I mean, were there any problems? Or it was smooth?

Well, in our case we had no problems with the document stuff. Because all the documents were prepared perfectly and our kid from the very beginning had his Spanish passport and family book, and everything was calm. Nobody even tried to stop us while we were crossing the border.

Okay, thank you. And, maybe, final question: what can you tell to Spanish couples that want to go to BioTex? Some couples are just afraid to go to Ukraine. Is the situation now stable? Can the couples go? Like you are right here, right now, so what can you say? So they don`t need to be afraid to come. 

Well, I can say that you don`t have to be afraid to come to Ukraine and that there is a total provision for the surrogate motherhood in the legislation. This is a topic which is prohibited in Spain now. We are expecting that it will change in future and will be accepted. Well, and you can walk on the streets with no problem, be in some mall, have a cup of coffee with no worry. And is exaggerated all what you can see on TV about the war, about Ukrainians dying.  Yes, really there is a war, but it is on the borders, far enough from Kiev. And you don`t have to be afraid to come. The thing is that Kiev will give you the most beautiful what you can have in your life – your son or daughter.

Thank you!