IVF waiting lists down as egg donors get ‘pay’ rise: Surge in hard-up women offering to sell their eggs for £750 ‘due to recession’

The economic downturn and a change in the law have led to a boom in the number of women donating their eggs for money at private fertility clinics.

When new rules came into effect on April 1 allowing women to be paid £750 for each cycle of eggs, there was an immediate surge in numbers registering as donors.

Clinics that once had waiting lists of up to 18 months are now boasting none at all, meaning childless couples desperate for IVF treatment can start the process straight away.

The maximum compensation for donors was raised from £250 to £750 after a review by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority that considered the ‘inconvenience, commitment and time given’.

Bosses at Manchester Fertility Services are convinced the recession is the main reason women are prepared to give their eggs.