Adoption or surrogacy – two sides of infertility coin

Adoption of institutionalized child or woman who agrees to give birth to your child. These are two variants infertile couples (or those who want to have children, but, for whatever reason, cannot do it naturally) think about in order to have a family. Surrogacy strongly hard the heels of adoption. How comes it? Let us get all this straightened out.

Adopting an abandoned child from an orphanage new parents understand that this child can have health problems, questionable genetic inheritance, and the process of adjusting in a new family can be rather complicated. Moreover all these aspects are rather unpredictable and can cause unpleasant surprises in future. Surrogate motherhood is a medical program that has become extremely popular around the world.

Monthly, thousands of infertile couples go to countries where surrogacy is permitted by the local law and conducted without any difficulties. In the surrogacy case everything is almost naturally. In particular, surrogate mother only bears a child and has no biological connection with him. Genetically surrogate child is related with the couple for whom surrogate mother bears him. After baby’s birth, family has the right to be with him from the first day of his life, and surrogate mother has no contact with the newborn. From the first days of life baby knows and feels his parents who form him by care. While in the case of adoption, it’s extremely difficult and even not always possible to adopt a newborn in Europe. Many foreign couples go to Ukraine or Russia in order to adopt a child.

Citizens of Spain, Italy, Israel, France and the United States most often adopt Ukrainian children. Moreover a great number of representatives of these states go to Ukraine for surrogacy as well. This country is the most surrogacy friendly one! In the case of surrogate motherhood woman who bears a child for infertile couple write an official denial (it means she has no rights and obligations concerning this baby) and gives biological parents their baby after his birth. They choose a name for him; draw up documents in which they are listed as parents.

People who have hunkered down to such an important step as adoption usually cause a great respect and support of the community unlike surrogate motherhood, which sticks pins and hot debates and is considered to be rather  immoral decision. Church is the main opponent of surrogate motherhood. But delving deeper into the history, we see that the Old Testament describes one of the surrogacy stories. Thus wife of Abraham, Sarah, was infertile. That’s why she invited her maid and allowed her to conceive and give birth to their child. In Biblical times it was believed that if a woman cannot have a baby she could pass maid this mission.

Adoption and surrogacy – two sides of one coin called „infertility.” Adopting a child infertile couples know – he could be from a family of alcoholics, drug addict, persons living with HIV, AIDS virus or genetic diseases, from a family with negative history and bad habits. This child has already had a certain history and previous vision of the family. Surrogate child will be genetically related with the couple. Conducting the IVF procedure, embryologist selects the highest quality and healthy cells. At the programs’ end couple receives all necessary documents, in which will be written black and white that they are parents.

Today, surrogacy is the main alternative to adoption. Despite the worldwide condemnation, surrogacy and „test-tube babies” gain serious speed and are rather hot among infertile couples all over the world. Although, no matter what, at the end I’m quoting here words by one author: „Each of us has his own difficulties, its measure and methods to overcome. Unnecessary comparisons are not needed”.